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“I have come that you may have life: life in all its fullness.” John 10:10

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Welcome to the website of the Denis Hurley Centre (DHC), a major new landmark building in the middle of Durban located between Emmanuel Cathedral, the Grey Street Mosque and Victoria Street Market.

The centre is named after a man who for 45 years was the Archbishop of Durban, the 'scourge of Apartheid' and a hero of the city.  The street on which it stands is already named after him too.

We are committed to working with people of all faiths to bring about change in the inner city - for people who are poor, homeless, hungry, sick, unemployed and refugees.  We do this through various programmes - a clinic, a feeding scheme, vocational training, pastoral outreach - but also through simply treating people with the respect and honour they deserve as children of the one God.  

To all who visit this site we hope you will be able to come and visit our centre in person.  Please let us know if you would like to visit, or volunteer or help raise funds to support our work.  Also email us if you would like to receive our monthly newsletter.  And wherever you are, and whatever your religious tradition, we ask for your prayers.

To contact us email: admin@denishurleycentre.org.

Please note that we have transferred all the material that was on www.archbishopdenishurley.com to this new site www.denishurleycentre.org.  This is not the site of our sister organisations the Denis Hurley Peace Institute and the Denis Hurley Library at Cedara which can be accessed by clicking through.