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“I have come that you may have life: life in all its fullness.” John 10:10

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Thank you for giving warmth, comfort and hope this winter
Big brands supporting young entrepreneurs 
Artistic inspiration through dance
Continuing our partnership with the Grace Family Church


Safer Cities - Learning from Johannesburg and Cape Town
Sharing Ramadan 
Follow on from the Elections
A chance to support ‘comrades’ united across the generations - sponsor our Comrades Marathon runner

May 2019 election special edition


Theological reflections on our work
The rights of homeless people defended on the front page of ’The Mercury”.
Stories of volunteering and fundraising from unexpected sources
Homeless voters get a chance to ask questions from the political parties


The Dalton site - some progress, some signs of hope and lots of promises
Free Coaching Services while enjoying the cafe
Winterhoop - Ecumenical initiative for the poor
Lenten Reflection in the Gardens


Hurley Weekend - including the Director’s report to stakeholders of the Denis Hurley Centre at the AGM. (Click here for the summary document).
Barry Wood Award winners
Valentine's Day in the cafe
News from the Napier Centre

Lots planned for DHC AGM noon 23 February - and our financial needs for 2019
Political Empowerment of the Homeless
Learning from peers across the country
Leanne and friends to swim the Midmar Mile


International Street Medicine Conference
Visit to DHC projects by the Irish Ambassador
Links between Hurley and 2 new saints
An extraordinary blessing from the Tibetan Buddhists

Women's Wellness Workshops
'Carte Blanche' program's impact
Heritage Day at Dalton pre school
 ‘She rises, we rise!’ - A celebration by women of women of all backgrounds

Our Mandela celebrations draw to a close
Almost 300 learners 'sing with one voice'
Partnerships with the Muslim community
Sad death of one of our Face2Face students

A proper clinic so we can ‘boldly go where no nurse has gone before’
Marathon running for the poor
Mandela Day at the DHC
Durban - City of literature

Street Store - a range of partners working together to serve the poor
Electronic Arts around the DHC
Inter-faith Breaking of the Fast
News on the Napier Centre 4 Healing

Mandela:100 years - 100 days - 100 ways
Papal medal for Paddy Kearney
Training program inspired by a song
St Augustine's Cafe gets a refit

Music of two different styles, to praise God and inspire the People
Joyful Mural for Dalton Clinic
Durbanites discover Durban
Volunteer Doctors from the UK

Promoting the Denis Hurley Centre in the UK
Lenten Reflection in the Botanical Gardens
Play about Migrant Women on tour around Durban
Deaf Awareness and Sign Language classes every Friday

Dr Stephen Carpenter’s talk on ‘Street medicine’
Winners of the first Barry Wood Award
Thembi - our blind tour guide
St Henry's alumnus inspires others

Denis Hurley Centre finances in 2017 and 2018
New fundraising campaign for the Clinic
Launch of new artwork in the Gandhi-Luthuli Hall
Overnight retreat with teenagers from Morningside


Feeding the Homeless over Christmas
National Conversation on Homelessness
Paddy Kearney on TV on Sunday 31 Dec at 10am
Third annual Meal of Reconciliation

21st Annual Hurley Lecture with Bishop Rubin
New award to honour Bishop Barry Wood
Budgeting and Fundraising for 2018
‘Their story is my story’ - a play about migrant women

The Lutheran bishop who welcomed the Pope is in turn welcomed by our Cardinal
Health education for Women
Opening of Gandhi Memorial
Evita in Hurley shweshwe
Dedication of the Paul Nadal Garden
Annual Senior Schools Concert
AGM of UK Denis Hurley Association
Generous support from Corporates
Our Dalton Clinic opened by the Cardinal
Appeal for Napier Centre 4 Healing
Pilgrimage around the Midlands
Pilgrimage around Durban
450 people Dare2Share the evening and the night
Mandela Day for staff and guests
US Jesuit talks about Addiction
Use of the Gandhi-Luthuli Hall
Paper money starts to change the face of Durban
Street Store at the Cathedral attracts 1,060 customers
Jews & Christians join Muslims to break the fast
2 ways to get to know the homeless of Durban
Academic recognition for Paddy Kearney
Dare2Share - save the date: 14 July
Winter Living Theology: July
Hurley pilgrimage - 5 and 12 August
Celebrating freedom the Denis Hurley way
Visitors and volunteers from different religions
Thank you to our many corporate donors
Hurley's legacy: in the Academy & on the streets