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Usizo Lwethu Clinic staffing

The core clinic staff comprises:
  • One primary health care trained, registered nurse who is also Clinic Co-ordinator
  • One experienced, previously retired registered nurse
  • Two previously retired registered nurses who work part-time as needed
  • One social worker (focusing on a Directly Observed Treatment programme) 
  • Four community health care workers, also trained as VCT counsellors 
We have relied up to now on a volunteer driver for the outreach work but for 2017 are factoring into our budget a paid driver and also an additional community counsellor
  • Volunteers supplement our core staff by about 50%. 
  • We regularly have a volunteer doctor 3 days a week. 
  • In 2016, we have also had help from six UK doctors, four Harvard Medical School interns, a doctor from Cameroon, a nurse, a health educator from the Islamic Medical Association and a pharmacist.  
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