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Mandela 100 - specialist ways of volunteering

 Social worker  The DHC needs a retired social worker / counsellor to mentor students cathy@denishurleycentre.org
 Eco-auditors The Inner-city Conservancy needs people to help conduct an environmental audit of the CBD cathy@denishurleycentre.org
 Decorating and Gardening I-care wants to upgrade its Hope Centre and needs people who can decorate, garden, pave and make-over info@icare.co.za
 One-to-one support for young people I-care can use trained counsellors/ therapists / teachers/ gospel-sharers - also surf training! info@icare.co.za
 Skills development I-care wants to offer more skills opportunities for street children info@icare.co.za
Adult English classes'Talk English' needs teachers and assistants for its classes at Umbilo Lutheran Church on Saturday morningscaryn@thejoiner.co.za
 Nutritionist SANZAF want to develop healthy eating programmes with nutritional advice, cooking demonstrations and recipes iqbal.omega@gmail.com
 Business mentoring Help SANZAF mentor homeless people setting up small businesses (and asssist with start-up stock) iqbal.omega@gmail.com
 Drugs Education Help RAUF provide honest awareness-raising about drugs for young people iqbal.omega@gmail.com
 Learnership SANZAF needs employers to provide learnership and training opportunities for the unemployed iqbal.omega@gmail.com
 Supervisor for painting walls The DHC needs someone to supervise homeless men painting walls jean-marie@denishurleycentre.org
 Service equipment The DHC needs specialists to service key items of equipment jean-marie@denishurleycentre.org
 Self defence classes for women The DHC wants to host classes to help vulnerable women defend themselves (esp homeless and refugees) leanne@denishurleycentre.org
 On-site computer training Makabongwe pre-school's admin assistant wants to improve on Word / Excel makabongwe.za@gmail.com
 Offer work to a person with a disability Khulisani will fund employment or training for a person with a Disability if your organisation can be a Host Site for their work experience. rachael@khulisani.co.za
 Use ED spend to support a person with a Disability Khulisani can help corporates fund employment for someone with a disability (using ED spend) at no cost to the business Host Site. rachael@khulisani.co.za
 Mosaic makers The DHC wants people with mosaic-making skills to create an art-piece on the stairs of the centre raymond@denishurleycentre.org
 Optometrist The DHC wants to offer a service of prescribing simple spectacles raymond@denishurleycentre.org
 Women’s Health Workshop The DHC needs woman medical practitioners to help us improve the health of poor urban women : 19-20 June    NB Change of date to 7-8 August raymond@denishurleycentre.org
 Transport for children in Dalton crèche The DHC pre-school needs access to a taxi/ mini-van from time to time to provide outings within Durban ruth@denishurleycentre.org
 Volunteer as a Playgroup teacher The DHC pre-school in Dalton would benefit from an occasional classroom assistant ruth@denishurleycentre.org
 Vegetable gardeners The DHC needs skilled help to develop a vegetable garden ruth@denishurleycentre.org
 Mural painter The DHC needs skilled help to decorate the small pre-school room ruth@denishurleycentre.org
 Provide one-off work experience (‘Send Me’) The DHC needs organisations who want to pay for small teams of trained homeless people to work for 1 day stuart@denishurleycentre.org
 Coach young entrepreneurs The DHC needs people willing to share their business skills to mentor emerging homeless entrepreneurs stuart@denishurleycentre.org
 Café training The DHC wants to provide specialist café skills for our deaf Face2Face students (e.g. barista, soup making, waitering)stuart@denishurleycentre.org
 Offer a job to someone with skills The DHC needs employers to take a chance on good workers who suffer a dis-advantage (e.g. prison record) stuart@denishurleycentre.org