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The sand mandala project

This project is now completed.
The Denis Hurley Centre hosted the creation of a Tibetan Buddhist sand mandala - 15 - 21 October 2018.

Experience three visiting Tibetan Buddhist monks painstakingly create a Sand Mandala (an intricate spiritual symbol made from coloured sand, representing a cosmic universe of celestial bodies). On the last weekend, to symbolise the transitory nature of life, the completed image will be ceremoniously swept away and the sand carried to the sea.

This painstakingly time-consuming procedure is a very rare sight to see and the monks will construct the sand mandala design of Chenrezig, the Buddha of Compassion to generate strong compassionate and peaceful energy, promoting understanding of other religions. Find out more about this religious ritual by following either of these links.

The monks will be accompanied by a Doctor trained in the ancient Tibetan healing system, and an Astrological professional.

School groups are encouraged to be part of this experience. This would be a wonderful opportunity for learning about Religious art, Eastern religions, comparative religious studies, spiritual healing and even Chinese politics. In light of the relationship that recent Popes have forged with the Dalai Lama, we particularly encourage schools in the Catholic network.

- For any ages, but particularly advised for Grades 9-12.

- There will be space for individuals(no need to book), and small and large groups (you will need to book).
- Make a group booking by emailing the DHC director Raymond Perrier raymond@denishurleycentre.org.
- To make the most of the learning opportunity we suggest that schools do some preparation with their students. For example they could investigate the artistic tradition of the mandala - (used in many religions) and perhaps complete some examples which can then be brought and displayed at the DHC. As a starting point you can download 3 line-drawn mandala templates here.
- It would make sense to allow 60 minutes for the visit with time to soak up the experience and talk with the monks. 
- Groups that have not previously been to the DHC could add in extra time for a tour of our building, the Cathedral and/or the neighbouring mosque.

Free entry 

  • General public  15th - 21st October 10:00 - 4:00 (no bookings required) 
  • School groups 15th - 19th October 10:00 - 4:00 (bookings required: to book email Raymond raymond@denishurleycentre.org) 
  • Medical consultations and Astrological readings are also available to individuals 15th - 19th October 10:00 to 4:00 but only by appointment. Email or phone Elizabeth elizabeth27@mweb.co.za 073 676 8436.

We are delighted that the Phansi Museum will also be drawing on their recent exhibition ‘The Art of Healing’ to provide some links between the Tibetan visitors and the African tradition of healing.

(The Sand Mandala project has been organised in partnership with The Office of Tibet South Africa and the Tibet Society SA)

Photographs used with permission. Copyright Troy Inman 2008.