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“I have come that you may have life: life in all its fullness.” John 10:10

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Ethos and Values

The Denis Hurley Centre has been created as a place of Care, Education and Community responding to the needs of people in the heart of Durban.

In this way, the Centre aims to continue the legacy of the life and work of the late Archbishop Denis Hurley in particular by:
  • being engaged in the modern world and seeking to build God’s Kingdom here on earth and be, in Hurley’s words, a "community serving humanity".
  • reaching out to the poorest and most marginalised residents of this part of Durban.
  • working equally with South Africans and with refugees and migrants from other parts of the Continent.
  • honouring and co-operating with people of all faith traditions.
  • demonstrating the role of faith-based groups in transforming the city.
  • challenging injustice and being a voice for the voiceless.
  • finding ways to work with universities and other NGO partners.
  • working with Government institutions and corporates while also being willing to challenge them.

We hope that all who use the Centre will respect our vision and ethos.

In particular we expect our employees, volunteers and centre users to demonstrate the following values in their interaction with each other, with partner organisations and with visitors:

  • Equal respect for all regardless of nationality, race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation or any other respect in which a person might feel marginalised
  • An especial concern to reach out and help those who might otherwise feel unwelcome or excluded.
  • An active desire to work with people from different communities, racial, religious and national, and to model a way of working that brings people together.
  • A professional approach to all that we do demonstrating that the poor deserve quality service no less than the wealthy.
  • A collaborative approach to working with the others working at the Denis Hurley Centre (directly employed, outsourced and volunteers) and with the staff and volunteers at the Cathedral.
  • Respect for the confidentiality and sensitivity of situations and individuals.
  • A desire to challenge injustice, unfairness and corruption.
  • The highest standards of propriety with regard to the treatment of funds and assets and transparency in reporting and accountability.
  • A commitment to going the extra mile and, where possible, to work beyond the terms of his/her role even if that means an element of personal sacrifice.