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Donating from other parts of the World

If you are somewhere else in the world and would like to donate, please consult directly with your bank as to the specifics of international transfer applicable to your country. South African banks only use the SWIFT system.

South African banks do not make use of the IBAN system (International Banking Account Number) but rather the SWIFT system (Society for Worldwide International Financial Telecommunications).

SWIFT transactions draw a bank fee for both donor and recipient. At the point of transaction, you will have a choice of charge options.
  • Selecting OUR will result in you absorbing both banks’ fees.
  • Selecting SHA or BEN will result in you being charged your bank’s fee only, and we will be charged our bank’s fee.
In order to make a SWIFT transaction, you will need our SWIFT code and our bank account number.

Our details are as follows:

  • Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
  • Account Number: 62204261002
  • Account Name: Denis Hurley Centre
  • Branch Code: 222126

Please email leanne@denishurleycentre.org if confirmation of DHC banking details is required.

Please note that the South African banking system does not make use of IBAN numbers so only the SWIFT code is necessary.