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Mandela 100 - general ways of volunteering

Mandela 100 - general ways of volunteering
 Register as a potential volunteer'We Are Durban' will take details of your skills and availability and match you with an NGO volunteer@wearedurban.com
 Second hand books salesLet us know if you have a church or location where our homeless team could run a book sale anivesh@mweb.co.za
 Preparing meals for the homelessThe DHC needs volunteers to serve up to 300 meals a day (Tues, Weds, Thurs and Sundays) cathy@denishurleycentre.org
 Kid's Club during the holidaysYMCA needs old and young volunteers to help run a holiday club for all ages of children in July ian.booth@dbnymca.org.za
 Helping street kidsI-care needs volunteers for events and admin at its Hope Centre near City View mall info@icare.co.za
 English / Zulu conversationRefugee Pastoral Care needs teachers and conversation partners to help refugees practice language info@refugeepastoralcare.co.za
 Twinning with a refugee familyRefugee Pastoral Care can help you invite a refugee family home for a meal to share stories and show solidarity info@refugeepastoralcare.co.za
 Helping a refugee child travel to schoolRefugee Pastoral Care needs people to offer a refugee child a lift to school info@refugeepastoralcare.co.za
 Saturday morning clubSANZAF offfers help with homework and sports coaching for young people at risk in the CBD iqbal.omega@gmail.com
 Organise a Fundraising eventAll NGOs would benefit from a fundraising event with your friends (e.g. a meal, sponsored ‘long walk to freedom’) raymond@denishurleycentre.org
 Adopt a Granny/ GrandpaThe Cathedral SVDP will help you visit TAFTA seniors in the CBD to provide company and conversation receptionist@emmanuelcathedral.org.za
 Volunteer driverThe DHC Clinic needs someone to drive staff around the CBD in a Ford Bantam bakkieSt Paul's Church likes to offer a special meal on special dayswarmback@dionatal.org.za
Prepare and serve soupSt Paul's Church near City Hall runs a soup kitchen Mon-Fri warmback@dionatal.org.za