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Mandela 100

Mandela 100 is now completed. Click any of the following links to get a taste of what the Mandela 100 project involved:

Latest news: The 100 days of our Mandela Centenary celebrations are running out and we have had two great events to mark this—a long run to Freedom and a long scarf to Freedom!

The long run, highlighted last month, was the Mandela Marathon which Sipho Mataka ran for the DHC. He raised almost R8,000 thanks to a few very generous sponsors and completed in a time of 3 hours 3 minutes. For lesser mortals this is highly commendable but he was hoping to be much quicker and was thwarted by the fact that there was no water for runners in the second part of the course! He intends to prove how fast he is—and how much he can raise—by running more marathons for us in the future. It is not too late if you still want to sponsor him.

The long scarf was an extraordinary feat by the ‘67 Blankets’ organisation. Their goal was to produce a scarf of at least 27km—to commemorate Mandela’s 27 years in prison. In the end, they reached over 29km, more than doubling the previous world record. Every scarf was hand-crocheted by women and men around the country, including some prisoners who signed up to help. The long scarf was displayed at the Capture Site, the place about 1 hour from Durban where Mandela was arrested.

Now good homes are needed for the 15,000 individual scarves and we were delighted that they chose the DHC as one destination. Young women from Danville Park Girls’ High came in and distributed beautiful colourful scarves to our homeless guests, refugees, patients in the clinic, students, staff, interns and cleaning staff. In Durban, scarves are rarely necessary for the cold but they still make great fashion statements!

Our Mandela 100 celebrations end this weekend (2 September) with a Women’s Indaba.

Join us in transforming the inner-city in 100 ways over 100 days to celebrate Mandela’s 100th anniversary.

Every year around Mandela Day (his birthday, 18 July) people want to volunteer or to donate goods to help the poor.

This year, being the Centenary of Mandela’s birth, the Denis Hurley Centre working with other NGOs is encouraging a ‘Mandela 100’ - 100 ways to transform the lives of the poor in inner-city Durban, which can be enacted any time during a period of 100 days: from 30 May to 6 September, with 18 July in the middle.

If you are an individual or a group of friends or an organisation (school, corporate, faith group) and you are looking for a way to celebrate Mandela’s legacy have a look at the lists you will find by following each of the following 5 links, and see what appeals to you.

There are:

In each case, contact the e-mail given on the lists to find out more details (e.g. if donating goods, you can find out exactly what is needed and where to drop off. If volunteering, find out or negotiate how, where and when).

Certificates will be issued to all who register their participation.

For general information email mandela100@denishurleycentre.org.