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“I have come that you may have life: life in all its fullness.” John 10:10

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Mandela 100 - special events and items to purchase

 "Other" People's Film Festival Attend film screenings in Durban CBD about forgotten people (organised by Refugee Social Services) admin@refugeesocialservices.co.za
 Durban Book Fair Well-priced books to encourage reading: 1st Sunday of each month in Mitchell Park (starting July) anivesh@mweb.co.za
 Sign language classes The DHC develops skills and empathy with the deaf by teaching basic SA sign (every Friday 2-3pm) leanne@denishurleycentre.org
 Performing Arts Classes UKUSA offers guitar, singing and drama classes at the DHC (Friday afternoons and Sat mornings) raymond@denishurleycentre.org
 Praying in and for the City Spend the evening at the DHC sharing prayer, dinner and music with the homeless: Mandela Day 18 July from 5pm raymond@denishurleycentre.org
 Iftaar Spend one day fasting in solidarity with Muslims and then break the fast at the DHC: Weds 13 June at 4.30pm raymond@denishurleycentre.org
 Values workshop Spend an afternoon understanding and reflecting on your values in an MBA-style module: Sun 29 July 3-5pm raymond@denishurleycentre.org
 Mandela Marathon (26 August) Sponsor Sipho Mataka to hit his 3 hour target for the Mandela Marathon and raise money for the DHC raymond@denishurleycentre.org
 Visit the Denis Hurley Centre Visit the DHC and have the blind tour guide Thembi tell you about the story of Denis Hurley raymond@denishurleycentre.org
 Racial Justice course A 3-day course led by noted American Jesuit professor exploring ‘Racial Justice’: 10-12 July. For more information http://www.jesuitinstitute.org.za/index.php/wlt2018/#Venues WLT@jesuitinstitute.org.za
 KZNPO Mandela Concerts Two special concerts to celebrate Mandela: Thurs 28 June at 7.30pm and Sun-day 12 August at 5pm www.kznphil.org.za
 Paper Money Buy a newspaper from a PaperMoney vendor for R10 (R25 on Sundays) stuart@denishurleycentre.org
 Order a Madiba shirt Celebrate Madiba and empower women in the DHC sewing programme Thusabatho@gmail.com
Order a cloth bag Avoid plastic bags and empower women in the DHC sewing programme Thusabatho@gmail.com