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Mandela 100 - general ways of donating

 Second-hand Books Durban Book Fair will help homeless people create a book re-selling business: email for drop off or pick up anivesh@mweb.co.za
 Shoe drive (men's shoes)The DHC always needs MEN’s shoes for the homeless cathy@denishurleycentre.org
 Herbs and large plantsThe DHC 's needs herbs and plants for its terrace and planters cathy@denishurleycentre.org
 Kitchen equipmentThe DHC kitchen for the homeless needs quality equipment (knives, large wood-en spoons, servers) cathy@denishurleycentre.org
 New personal hygiene items The DHC gives items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap to the homeless esp those going to rehabcathy@denishurleycentre.org
 Blankets NGOs can use clean blankets for the homeless and refugees cathy@denishurleycentre.org
 Towels The DHC gives new or nearly-new towels to the homeless cathy@denishurleycentre.org
 Cleaning suppliesThe DHC kitchen for the homeless uses lots of general cleaning materials cathy@denishurleycentre.org
 Nearly-new clothing for men, women and children Street Store needs clothing, shoes, accessories and non-battery operated toys. Drop off by Friday 8 June at Grace Church (in Umhlanga, Riverside or Ballito) or at JAM Clothing (the Crescent in Umhlanga and Springfield Park). dimitra@grace.za.org
 Play equipment for boys I-care needs games, art supplies, DVDs, body boards, pool table, soccer boots & balls to keep street kids off the streets info@icare.co.za
 Food donations I-care needs non-perishable and dry foods for hungry street kids info@icare.co.za
 Household equipment I-care needs household items, tools & gardening equipment for the homes they run for street kids info@icare.co.za
 Bedroom equipment iCare needs beds/ mattresses/ linen for the homes they run for street kids info@icare.co.za
 Boys clothes and shoes iCare needs nearly new clothing for the street boys they help info@icare.co.za
 Household appliances I-care needs household appliances (fridge, freezer, stove, TV, DVD, CD, speakers, projector) for the homes they run for street kids info@icare.co.za
 Computer equipment I-care needs laptops to help teach computing to street kids info@icare.co.za
 Shoe drive (School shoes) Refugee Pastoral Care can distribute school shoes (boys and girls, all sizes) to refugee children info@refugeepastoralcare.co.za
 School uniforms (or donate fabric) Refugee Pastoral Care distributes school uniforms for refugee children (esp white shirts, grey skirts /trousers) info@refugeepastoralcare.co.za
 School materials Refugee Pastoral Care needs paper, pens, exercise books, etc for language students and school learners info@refugeepastoralcare.co.za
 Mattresses for families Refugee Pastoral Care will pass on good condition mattresses to families info@refugeepastoralcare.co.za
 Disposable nappies, baby food and baby clothes Refugee Pastoral Care will pass on items to help mothers care for their new-born babies info@refugeepastoralcare.co.za
 Domestic cooking and eating equipment Refugee Pastoral Care can help a family set up home (including small electrical appliances) info@refugeepastoralcare.co.za
 Compost, tools, seedlings Help SANZAF develop inner city gardens for the poor iqbal.omega@gmail.com
 Mattresses for children Makabongwe pre-school needs good condition mattresses for children to sleep on (or donate R to buy a new mattress) makabongwe.za@gmail.com
 Large double-door fridge Makabongwe pre-school is in desperate need of a big new fridge makabongwe.za@gmail.com
 Toys and games equipment Makabongwe pre-school needs toys, soccer balls, play equipment, children's furniture makabongwe.za@gmail.com
 Boxes of A4 white paper Makabongwe pre-school wants to reduce it paper costs makabongwe.za@gmail.com
 New or nearly new underwear for children Makabongwe pre-school needs underwear for the hundreds of young children they help makabongwe.za@gmail.com
 Liquid soap, cleaning chemicals, paper towels Makabongwe pre-school needs these to help keep clean the hundreds of young children they serve makabongwe.za@gmail.com
 Bag of groceries for a family The Cathedral SVDP will give bags of non-perishable food to a poor family in the city receptionist@emmanuelcathedral.org.za
 Ladies toiletries and make-up The Cathedral SVDP will treat poor women and TAFTA seniors on Women's Day receptionist@ emmanuelcathe-dral.org.za
 AV equipment The DHC Clinic needs a DVD player and large TV to inform/ entertain ruth@denishurleycentre.org
 Gardening tools The DHC needs sturdy garden tools to help develop a vegetable garden at the satellite clinic ruth@denishurleycentre.org
 Olive oil The DHC needs olive oil for use in its clinic to clean out ears! ruth@denishurleycentre.org
 Small Fridge-Freezer The DHC pre-school needs a fridge-freezer to manage food donations ruth@denishurleycentre.org
 Playground equipment The DHC wants to create a safe and pleasant outdoor area for its pre-school near Dalton beer hall ruth@denishurleycentre.org
Vegetables and breadSt Paul's Church near City Hall runs a soup kitchen Mon-Friwarmback@dionatal.org.za
Blankets and jackets for the homelessThe national Winterhoop campaign collects items to help homeless people sur-vive the winter (even in Durban!)www.winterhoop.org/dropoff-1