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Hurley and Vatican II

Archbishop Hurley played an important role in the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). It was a most important experience for him, and a topic on which he was always excited to deliver a lecture. The important role of the Archbishop can be seen at a glance by consulting the index of the G. Alberigo and J. A. Komonchak, History of Vatican II, where the Hurley name appears several times in each of the volumes. In fact, already in 1965, a series of 24 booklets was published entitled, The Men who Made the Council, and one of these was devoted to Archbishop Hurley (D. Fisher, Archbishop Denis Hurley). As it was such an important experience in his life, Hurley devoted much care to this period in his memoirs, as can be seen in his Vatican II: Keeping the Dream Alive (Cluster 2005). This year (2009) is already the 50th anniversary of the Pope John XXIII ‘s calling of the Council (25 January 1959) and the challenges faced then are ever more relevant.